Ray White Budgewoi in Court again

Staff from the local estate agents of Ray White Budgewoi were again in court attacking crippled artist and proprietor of Weblight Studio, Steve Solomons. There have been ongoing attempts by Ray White property managers over many months to prove that Mr Solomons is a serious threat to their persons.

Property manager Craig Favelle was asked to consider allowing this case to rest on the backs of dual undertakings but refused suggesting he was determined to see the crippled artist officially deemed a menace. In the sense of restraining orders and apprehended personal violence orders the undertakings are documents signed by both parties to say they have agreed to leave each other alone. They are a “no foul” agreement where nobody is seen to be admitting guilt and so on. Mr Solomons had earlier stated he would be happy to sign the undertaking as he had no interest of any kind in any part of Mr Favelle’s life let alone in some future violent act.

The case went into a hearing with David Spencer of Terrigal as Mr Solomons’ defence attorney. Mr Spencer noted that Mr Solomons was a seriously ill and disabled man who now lived far from the Budgewoi base of the Ray White representatives and he could see no way that a threatening situation could ensue without considerable support from the Aged and Disability Service providers who were Mr Solomons primary method of transport. The Ray White Budgewoi representative stated that he felt Mr Solomons was only fifteen minutes drive away and so still presented a threat.

The magistrate took Mr Favelle to task and suggested that much of his evidence was superfluous to the case he was making and she preferred a mediation through a Community Justice Centre. This mediation had already been suggested to Mr Solomons and although he cursed the added difficulty and waste of resources he was happy to make the effort. No date was made for the mediation but a date of the 18th January was made for a mention at Wyong Local Court.

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